Single View 3D Reconstruction @e.Sigma


  • Camera calibration from single view camera image

  • 3D Model reconstruction

  • Construction of a 3D modeling framework includes creating, editting, saving, reading and rendering 3D scene

  • USB Dongle based software protection and liscencing

  • 3D Object Pose Estimation @e.Sigma


  • Modelling and calibration of a real-world object

  • Real-Time 3D template matching and pose estimation

  • Virtual Shooting Simulator @e.Sigma


  • Chess-board based camera calibration

  • Machine learning based multiple laser dots recognition

  • Real-Time laser dot tracking system

  • Ultra-low Latency Distributed System @e.Sigma

    Hardware Driver/Linux Kernel

  • Real-Time Linux based hardware driver developmeny

  • Linux kernel module developmeny

  • Real-Time distributed system optimization

  • Distributed Simulation Engine @e.Sigma

    Game Engine

  • Engine modules and plugins developmeny

  • HID device driver development for virtual object

  • Panoramic View @e.Sigma


  • Full-automatic image pairing and stitching

  • Sphere Projection Simulation @e.Sigma


  • Simulation of a virtual environment setting

  • GIS Shapefile processing @e.Sigma

    Image Processing

  • GIS texture blending

  • RFID Sensor based Localization @e.Sigma

    Sensor Data Processing

  • API development for RFID sensors.

  • 3D CT Image Reconstruction @Klinikum rechts der Isar

    Machine Learning/Optimization

  • Mathematical modeling of medical CT

  • CT image reconstruction framework development

  • Improving the optimization algorithm to raise the convergence speed

  • Work Experience

    Software Developer @e.Sigma Systems GmbH

    May/2012 - present

    All Details

  • Single view image based real scene 3D reconstruction software

  • 3D model calibration and pose estimation

  • Embedded Linux based tracking system

  • Network-based distributed simulation engine

  • Ultra-low latency real-time distributed system

  • Research Assistant @Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedures & Augmented Reality

    Jun/2010 - Feb/2011

    Human Airway Segmentation from 3D CT Image

    Research Assistant @NarvisLab

    Feb/2010 - Aug/2010

    Phase Aberration Correction for Ultrasound Image Reconstruction


    Master in Biomedical Computing @TU München, Informatik

    Oct/2009 - Apr/2012

  • 3D Computer Vision, Machine Learning in the field of 3D/2D medical image reconstruction and pattern recognition.

  • Object and System Model Generation for X-ray Computed Tomography (Master Thesis)

  • Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering @Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Sep/2005 - Jul/2009

  • Wireless ECG Signal Monitoring, Processing and Diagnosing System (Bachelor Thesis)

  • Accepted